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Frequently Asked Questions

What does The College Store offer?

In a nutshell we offer everything you need to go to college, including strategies for identifying what you want to study, to finding the best school choices and discovering the financial resources to pay for college. The College Store offers a complete strategy for students to make informed decisions about which colleges to consider and which to visit and apply to in order to maximize the student’s chances of admission at competitive colleges. We also offer premium services which include personalized advice for improving a student’s chances of admission at colleges of their choosing and recommendations for reach, likely and safety colleges based on the student’s background, interests, and academic and extracurricular accomplishments.

Why do I need to know my chances of admissions?

Students who know their percentage chances of admission can make informed decisions about which colleges to apply to because they know which colleges match their background and achievements. They can accurately select reach, likely and safety colleges based on the percentage chances of admission. Students may find that they have an excellent chance of getting into colleges that they thought were reach schools and may need to add more competitive colleges to their application pool. Also, by ensuring that students are considering a range of colleges, they lower their risk of being disappointed when the acceptance letters start showing up in the mail. They also maximize their chance of getting into the most competitive colleges that will accept them and save a lot of time and money by not filling out unnecessary applications.

How many schools should I apply to?

The College Store recommends you select 10 colleges that you will apply to; 2 are reach schools, 6 are most likely to accept you and 2 are safety colleges. This type of application diversity gives you choices based on your background, current achievements, and preferences.

There are thousands of colleges. How do we build a college list?

We meet with the students and find everything they are looking for in a college including the size, location, major, academic reputation, price, and even how close or far they would like to be from home. By using various criteria we narrow down the list substantially. This helps you focus on the 10 schools that meet your needs and give you the best options for acceptance.

How can we get our child motivated to do their college preparation?

This is a tough one! The more a young person sees they will be in college within the next few years, the more motivated they seem to become. College visits are a great incentive, allowing them to spend the night at a college, and experience the campus firsthand. Joe Eberle is a master motivator and has over 32 years working with students and their families. He will find a way!

Can college be made more affordable?

Yes, it can be made more affordable by taking advantage of every opportunity available. That’s where it can be tough for students and their families. There is so much information that most parents and students don’t know, and often important opportunities are missed. That’s why the help of a college planner, like the services provided by The College Store can be so important. They know strategies and tactics that save thousands of dollars in college costs.

Is applying to multiple colleges a lot of work?

Yes this is a lot of work but this process has proven to increase the chances for additional THOUSANDS of dollars in financial aid. You need schools recruiting YOU. The more options you have the more money you can receive. Would you go to one car dealer and tell them you want to purchase a specific car at THEIR store and expect the best price? You need multiple options to get the best offer. In addition each college has a diversity of students that they need to recruit .You may be a “Hot Prospect” at one school and just another student at another.

Can you help with picking a college major?

We will give you an online comprehensive exam that will help identify your talents and interest. We will then help you select colleges that fit your interests and also give you a career projection on your possible income possibilities. Knowing the proper path can save college time to graduation — that saves you money.

Do you help with ACT and SAT test preparation?

We offer classroom test preparation courses as well as online classes. We also offer one on one tutoring. Great test scores are an underestimated part of college planning.

How does your individual tutoring work?
Individual tutoring is on a one on one basis either in one of our two offices or in a student’s home.
Can you help with the College Essay?

We can help with teachers who are experts in English and composition. We do not write the essays but help with structure and also with grammar and helpful suggestions.

Is Community service that important?

We suggest between 400-500 community service hours while you are in high school. Colleges are looking for two things that separate students; One is commitment and the other is leadership. We will help you with Community Service options to help you with being selected in colleges.

Joe is an expert at helping families find the best college for their student’s needs.

He also assists families through the tedious and often overwhelming financial planning aspect.

– Tiffany Coolidge, Denver, Colorado

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