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High School Freshman

College Planning Checklist

Check off each item as you complete each suggestion.

In The Fall

√  Meet with your counselor to discuss your college plans. Review your schedule with him or her to develop a recommended class schedule of college preparatory courses. AP classes can reduce college costs.

√  Establish strong study habits and commit to a consistent study routine and work on effective time management techniques. Great grades can equal scholarships

√  Start a calendar with important dates and deadlines. Preparation reduces stress

√  Don’t forget that extracurricular activities can be an important part of your Resume of Achievement, as well as a lot of fun.

In The Spring

√  Sign up for college preparatory courses. Consider AP courses.

√  Study for May AP Exams. Get free AP preparation.

√  Look for a great summer opportunity – job, internship, or volunteer position.

√  Check with your counselor and search online for summer school programs for high school students at colleges.

√ Consider summer community service projects. Colleges look at community service as important.

Through our search for colleges it became apparent that a private University was the right type of school for Tyler. With Tyler’s extra curricular activities, grades, ACT score and leadership involvement he was offered Merit Scholarships to help bring down the cost of a Private University.

Jolene Langnes

“If there is anything we would have done differently, it would be to have met with you sooner…  Our son might have become a more accomplished student and certainly better prepared for the college application process.”

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