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High School Juniors

College Planning Checklist

Check off each item as you complete each suggestion.



√  This year the PSAT counts; taking it may qualify you to receive a National Merit Scholarship. Make sure you sign up to take it in October.

√  Pick up a copy of the PSAT/NMSQT Student Bulletin at the guidance counseling office and take the enclosed practice test.

√  Meet with your guidance counselor and compare the academic requirement for each target school. If necessary adjust your schedule.

√  Register online for the SAT, which is offered several times during the year. Be sure to complete the test by the end of junior year.



√ Take the PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). Check “Yes” for student search services to hear from additional colleges and potential scholarships.

√  Start preparing for the SAT. Click on the Test Prep to take a practice test. You will need the user name and password we provided for you to login. Use those results to focus on the areas where you need the most improvement.

√  Go to college fairs in you area.



√  Fall is a good time to start the college search! Begin to narrow down the schools you want to consider. Utilize the US News website to begin your college search.

√  Identify test requirements for target schools, including scores for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, and others. PSAT/NMSQT scores can give you an idea of what you would score on the SAT and help you focus your practice for it.



√  Meet with your guidance counselor and compare the academic requirements for some of the schools you are interested in and the classes available during the spring.



√  Organize a file for your college brochures and information. Before you know it, they’ll start pouring in.

√  Talk to the school counselor about local scholarship opportunities.



√  Plan to visit college campuses this spring while classes are in session. Be sure to schedule interviews with admissions officers.

√  Practice for upcoming SAT in the Test Prep section of The College Store website.



√  Most students take the SAT in spring of junior year and/or fall of senior year. Register online for spring or summer SAT tests.

√  Meet with your counselor to discuss AP courses to take senior year. You may want to consider taking a course at a local college, especially if you are interested in a subject for which your school doesn’t offer AP courses.

√  Now is a great time for you to start looking for a summer job, internship or volunteer opportunity that may a positive addition to your applications / resume.

√  Meet with your school counselor to discuss summer learning programs at local colleges that might be of interest to you.



√  AP Exams are in May. Visit the Test Prep section of The College Store website for tips and prep materials.

√  Attend local college fairs.



√  Begin to compile a folder of materials and documents necessary for applications. In addition to copies of your transcripts, a resume and income documents, this might include things such as writing samples, portfolios, audition tapes, and other materials that individual schools may require.



√  Call ahead for tour and open house schedules at colleges you are interested in.

√  If you are planning to take the SAT in the fall, register online now.

√  Narrow your college list to 6-8 schools. The list should include “safe” schools as well as “reach” and “realistic” schools.

We began working with Joe during our son’s Junior year of high school and he came highly recommended through a family friend and existing client of Joe.  The specific feedback on Joe was his knowledge, planning and preparation made the research and decision points much easier less stressful for their family.

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