Take the Stress Out of College Planning.

With my help, you can find the best fit for your student at the price your family can afford.

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Schools. Forms. Essays. Financial Resources. Deadlines. BEST Chance of Success.

I get it. College planning is overwhelming. So. Many. Choices. You don’t have to go it alone. I can help with the big things like:

But there is so much more I offer.


Things like your child’s mindset and self-confidence building.

I also help them with motivation, accountability, and willingness to work hard.

Too many decisions to keep track of?

I guide you and your high school student to focus and start narrowing down the exorbitant number of choices to be made during this college planning process.

I help you all understand and meet that delicate balance of options, desire, ability, budget, and chance-of-success.

And I help keep you sane.

What Others Are Saying

“Our daughter is a strong student and Joe’s first item of action was to engage a band of tutors to raise her GPA. It worked. He was also instrumental in college planning – the college search and application process. She applied to 10 colleges, got into all of them, and received several scholarship offers. Thanks for everything Joe!”


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