Paying For College College

If you’re like most students and families, you’ll cobble together funds from multiple sources to pay for college.

Gathering The Necessary Documents

Documentation is the key to financing college. From demonstrating your income to your assets to your test scores, getting the necessary reference documents together is the first step in plotting your college financing course. We will help you figure out what you need, how many copies you need of each and what to do with them.

Estimating Your Needs 

Tuition is only one part of the cost associated with going to college. There are a myriad of other things from housing to food to books to transportation, not to mention entertainment and sports. Our toolkit will help you get a firm idea of what your expenses are going to be over your college career.

Evaluating Your Resources

Once you have estimated what your costs will be you will need to figure out how you are going to pay for them. The first answer to that question is by measuring what you can contribute. We help you evaluate what you can bring on your own from both current and future resources.

Applying For Financial Aid

Financial aid often fills the gap between your expected costs and expected contributions. With the federal and state governments, college financial aid offices and thousands of scholarship organizations each looking for different documents, it can be a nightmare making sure the right documents get to the right place on time. We help you make certain that you will submit your forms to the right place and on time.

Evaluating the various financial aid offerings and choosing the most appropriate one(s). Ideally you will find yourself in the position of having more financial aid offers than you require.

We will help you evaluate which offers are the best choices for you both in the short run and, if applicable, after you’ve graduated. The College Store knows many strategies that will lower your EFC and total college costs. You must make advance preparations to succeed!